Missing Country Living

I find myself living in the city
Making a decent living
Yet missing the country
The beautiful view, the setting

I mourn the silent melody
That you can only experience in the country
I pray my time in the city is temporary
That God blesses us with an exit strategy

Until then I engulf myself in the
Infinite Love of my family
I pray for patience
As I await God’s blessing
Of once again living in the country


Dedicated to my loving husband. Who has sacrificed peace & quiet for love & stability.


In the Name of Financial Gain

It’s an astounding shame
In the name of financial gain, the human race becomes less and less humane

If you don’t have enough money to play the game you’re just collateral damage in the wake of their Crusade.

-Pheenix- 11/9/18

A Rosy Hue or Cynical View

Take off your rose-colored glasses they said

Reluctantly I tried
Finally they were pried from my eyes
Much to my dismay
I find a world in which morals have decayed

I have taken off my rose-colored glasses
Now seeing the world without a filter Nothing to protect my mind
My naive hope barely survives
My faith in humanity lessened

I now wear skepticals that have a cynical hue
Which is better a rosy hue or a cynical view
Both are a form of protection



I wish I had know before starting this blog that posting/publishing my work on my blog would make those pieces unsubmittable for publication elsewhere. The pieces I feel are my best and on topics I feel are worth sharing with the masses. I’ve already posted here. This is why I have not been posting lately.