Where Do I Find My Bliss

Where do I find my bliss
I find it in your kiss
The softness of your lips on mine
Seems to stop time

Time is just a fantasy you see
Our Love will never die
Our Love will never cease

We have withstood the test, trials, tribulations and strange vibes
No matter how many years go by
I want to continue our journey
Side by side
Because together
Makes life better


High or Low

There is a path I must take
It’s well beaten,
I’ve taken this lonely road many times before
But it’s getting old, the air is thin

Another path I could take,
but it runs right through past mistakes

I been at this fork many times before, high or low
Which way should I go
The low road gets me stuck in the mud & muck of past mistakes

The high road is lonely and daunting but my past mistakes will not haunt me


As Fast as a Burning Wick

You were like a moth to a flame when it came to things that went flash boom and bang
Your time came and went
As fast as a burning wick
Oh how you are missed

In the hearts of many you lit a spark
With your funny stories and warm heart

On this 4th of July
I raise my glass to fireworks and flames going up in your name


RIP Daddy

Magnificent Mosaic

Each of us broken in our own way
Some of our pieces jagged some of them frayed

Scars like badges worn
From the times our hearts were torn and scorned

Destiny brought us together
Each of us having our own special remedy for each other’s healing

Like gold to Japanese pottery
Our broken pieces are mending
Not to hide or disguise
But instead to highlight
The beauty in the broken
And to let it be know
There is history and stories to behold

Together we are finding a way
To mend and heal

Together we have made
A magnificent mosaic
Called family


This poem is dedicated to my aunt Virginia, my husband Dave, and our childen, Cade, Kelsey, Corri, Xioe, Dawn and Keana. I Love You All! With all my heart & Soul. I don’t want to imagine my life without any one of you in it.

A special thanks to God for putting us in each other’s lives.

Here’s a link to the Japanese pottery reference. In case anyone is curious.


Like an Epic Fantasy (Parts I-IV)

Like an Epic Fantasy

I. A Mermaid I Wish To Be

I want to look into your eyes
I want to see what’s on the inside
I want to get lost in that beautiful Sea of Blue
That changes hues with your mood

I have this notion, if your eyes are the sea
Your soul must be the ocean
The beautiful ebb and flow of your soul
Has wooed me and soothes me

A mermaid I wish to be
So I may swim in your sea and
submerge myself in your ocean
Like an epic fantasy for eternity

You are the hero that saved me
changing my world indefinitely

Take some time to look into my eyes
and you will find
the cover to the book that is my soul

Sometimes I am poetry
with rhythm, rhyme and flow

Sometimes I am a novel
with an intriguing plot twist

Sometimes I’m an autobiography
that’s self-explanatory

Delve into the pages of me
Read me like I’m your favorite fantasy

Like an Epic Fantasy

II. Let Me Swim In Your Sea

Let me look into your eyes
Let me swim in your Sea of Blue
Let me see what is in your Soul
Let me be submerged in your vast ocean too
Let me swim within you
I promise I’ll never hurt you

Let me swim in your Sea of Blue
and take your emotional strait into
Your sea so true

Let me delve into the depth of you
I’ll navigate your soul
and explore your shores
I’ll ride out every storm
and revel in your divine sunshine

Like an Epic Fantasy
You have slain the dragons
That haunt me in the night
You have brought to my reality new light
With your torch flame my soul you do ignite
You Give me passion I’ve never been shown
In return I promise to give you the love
You deserve but have never know

Like an Epic Fantasy
III. For Infinity

I’m not afraid of what I’ll find
In your eyes
In your Sea of Blue
I’ll find you, all of you

The dark and the light
The bravery and the fright
The guarded and vulnerable
The child and the man

If you let me swim in your Sea of Blue
There I’ll find you
I’ll lend you a hand
I’ll be your companion
Besides you I’ll always stand
Whether in battle or peace
Your heart I will keep
Safe and secure in place of mine
Because I have yours and you have mine
For the rest of time

Do not doubt I’ll always have your back
You can count on that

Infinity is what I vowed and what I’ll keep
Without you there is no rest
I will not sleep
I make this plea
Let me swim in your Sea of Blue
Let me submerge in your ocean too
Let me feel, see and touch all of you

Like an Epic fantasy

IV. On the Pages of My Soul

I invite you to look into my eyes and my soul within
Look deep, delve in, read the chapters, the Journey
On which my soul has been.

My book is open to you
On some of the pages my heart has bled
On others I have grown, my skin has shed
The deeper you delve the more you’ll find
Some of those pages have been left behind
On others you’ll find me wounded and afraid
Longing for your healing touch, yet wondering if it’s too much
Keep reading and delving in.
You’ll find my once tattered heart is on the mend
You will see, like and Epic Fantasy, you saved me
When you promised to love me for infinity, You changed my Destiny
Now we come to the pages unwritten, these are for you
These are the pages of my soul
Use your heart as a pen and your soul as ink
Write onto the pages of my soul, let your words and love flow
Like and epic fantasy
Our love is to be continued……

Compassion Begets Compassion



Poisoned by fear
Are the minds and hearts
of angry men and women

Anger is passion

Fueled by fear

We fear that which we do not understand

Is a passionate attempt
To understand the woes
of other men and women



The anitdote to anger is compassion
I pray compassion be fashioned
On to the hearts of man once again

Let’s measure our lives by
The amount of compassion
We bring to others

Practice compassion
Compassion multiplied
Equals Love
Love is our greatest treasure
It goes beyond measure


Missing Country Living

I find myself living in the city
Making a decent living
Yet missing the country
The beautiful view, the setting

I mourn the silent melody
That you can only experience in the country
I pray my time in the city is temporary
That God blesses us with an exit strategy

Until then I engulf myself in the
Infinite Love of my family
I pray for patience
As I await God’s blessing
Of once again living in the country


Dedicated to my loving husband. Who has sacrificed peace & quiet for love & stability.